SunbYte I

SunbYte I

The first generation of SunbYte was completed under the REXUS/BEXUS 25 programme by the European Space Agency. SunbYte 1 was


The REXUS/BEXUS programme is realised under a bilateral Agency Agreement between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB). The Swedish share of the payload has been made available to students from other European countries through the collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).
Experts from DLR, SSC, ZARM and ESA provide technical support to the student teams throughout the project. EuroLaunch, the cooperation between the Esrange Space Center of SSC and the Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) of DLR, is responsible for the campaign management and operations of the launch vehicles.


The solar telescope design will be based upon a Raspberry Pi optical telescope called PiKon, developed by one of our team advisor (Mark Wrigley) and AiryLab EdgeHD 800 HaT Solar Telescope System developed by Astrograph Ltd.

The new design is step further than PiKon as it will utilise larger mirrors, specialist optical filters and higher resolution camera to increase the quality of the data.

A sensor and motorised system will detect and control the attitude of the telescope and the data collected will be stored on hard drives during the flight.

The assumption is that light incident upon the telescope at this altitude is less warped than light incident upon a telescope on the ground.

Resulting images from the experiment will be used to compare against industry standards and assess the viability of such a product.