SunbYte 1 – Gallery

SunbYte 1 – Gallery


External Videos

“Project SunbYte: Outreach”, University of Sheffield

Dr. Sergiy Shelyag interview during vacuum test campaign in Northumbria University, 22.08.2017. 


Day five. 19.10.2017

Day four. 18.10.2017

Day three. 17.10.2017

Day two. 16.10.2017

Day one. 15.10.2017

SunbYte is on the way to Esrange Space Center (Kiruna, Sweden)! 13-14.10.2017



SunbYte II presentation at Pint of Science (as well as MoonWorks UoS and Sunride), Sheffield, 16.05.2018

SunbYte II presentation at Get Up to Speed, Magna Science Adventure Centre, Sheffield, 18.04.2018

SunbYte team presented a poster and 1 minute pitch at the European Space Agency’s 2nd Symposium on Space Educational Activities held in Budapest, Hungary 12.04.2018

SunbYte II at The British Conference of Undergraduate Research 12-13.04.2018

SunbYte II CAD model 23.03.2018

SunbYte in high spec computer room finalising revised hasp application. Thanks to Menzies for his amazing CAD work! 06.03.2018

SunbYte II prototype for HASP  06.03.2018

SunbYte eats with team members are a long hard evening prototyping in the Diamond. After this picture, the team returned for even more work 🙂 04.03.2018


SURE showcase, 13.02.2018 Sheffield University

Sixth day in SSC, Esrange. Kiruna, Sweden .  19.10.2017. The time has come… The team is set… the telescope is ready… Be sure to tune in Friday morning at 4am UK time to follow the countdown procedure with launch at approx. 9am UK time!! It’s all come down to this, you will not want to miss it.

Sixth day in SSC, Esrange. Kiruna, Sweden .  19.10.2017.  We passed out individual check! Running interference test with the other experiments now. Hopefully launch tomorrow morning! Look out for our live stream.

Fifth day in SSC, Esrange. Kiruna, Sweden .  18.10.2017. Problems and solutions

Forth day in SSC, Esrange. Kiruna, Sweden .   17.10.2017

Third day in SSC, Esrange. Kiruna, Sweden .   16.10.2017

Second day in SSC, Esrange. Kiruna, Sweden .   15.10.2017

SunbYte at  Esrange Space Center (Kiruna, Sweden) preparing our experiment for our Bexus flight!! 14.10.2017

Preparing for launch campaign — Assembly training at the SunbYte lab. 27.09.2017

Experiment Acceptance Review: We’re going to launch! 20.09.2017

Ideas Bazaar in Sheffield Uni and SunbYte presentation, 13.09.2017

The focuser has arrived, 12.09.2017

Side view of our assembly, and a cross section, 07.09.2017

Work on a project, 06.09.2017

Pitch assembly finished today, 30.08.2017

Sensor integration, 27.08.2017

Vacuum test campaign in Northumbria University, 22.08.2017. Day 2

Vacuum test campaign in Northumbria University, 21.08.2017. Day 1. The motor survived!

Tough weekend. We prepared a temporal assembly for electronics vacuum testing at Northumbria University 19-20.08.2017

iCybie has been helping the students of SunbYte Project at the lab! 08.08.2017

Integration Progress Review, with ZARM and ESA on the 08.08.2017

Our etalon has arrived! 04.08.2017

The Electrical team is working at full speed to overcome the limitations of its actuation system! 28.07.2017

These materials were finished on 28.07.2017, thanks to Stuart Richards from the Diamond Workshop here at the University of Sheffield !

Telescope arrived. Thanks, Rupert! Astrograph Ltd, 14 July 2017

Platform is done!, 12 July 2017

Harmonic Drive arrived!, 10 July 2017

SunbYte outreach event: Diamond, Sheffield, 8 July 2017

SunbYte presentation at National Astronomy Meeting, Hull, 2-6 July 2017

Miles Solomon

A-level student Miles Soloman, will join our team, 29 June 2017

Harmonic Drives-SunbYte meeting, 12 June 2017

Mockup gondola ready for testing, 06 June 2017

Critical Design Review, 29 May – 1 June 2017

Improved LEGO Gimbal, 21 May 2017

Pint of Science event in Sheffield, 17 May 2017

Soldering course at ESTEC,  Petrica Taras is working hard! May 2017

Gimbal prototype, 23 April 2017

Second prototype – all parts for gimbal printed, 12 April 2017

STEM event for school students, Diamond Building, The University of Sheffield, 05 April 2017

Sketch of updated gimbal prototype, 03 April 2017

Work on the prototype (60 mm Halpha telescope), 31 March 2017

Prototype print and assembling, 31 March 2017

3D print of prototype parts and work on CAD design, 30 March 2017

Mechanical, Electrical and Software Teams Meeting, 29 March 2017

This telescope we have for testing (tunable Halpha, 60 mm aperture), 27 March 2017

Compass System Equipment and Testing, 26 March 2017

Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering, 22 March 2017

SunByte presentation at school in Doncaster 20 March 2017

Prototype tests

Preliminary Design (PDR) in Munich, 20-24 February 2017

SunbYte – Designing for Space, STEM, Sheffield, 15 February 2017

SunbYte presentation at UK Solar Missions Forum, London, 09 February 2017

Meetings in Sheffield

Presentation for REXUS/BEXUS panel, Noordwijk, November 2016