SunbYte II up close

New and late registering engineering students in the University of Sheffield got a chance to see SunbYte II and meet some of the team at a welcome event today in the Diamond building.

SunbYte III

Work has begun on the third generation of SunbYte. The team has been working hard on the proposal for the BEXUS 28/29 mission, which will launch in October 2019.  SunbYte III team leader Sagar Shah hopes to build on the successes of it’s predecessors, specifically the sun tracking systems and sturdy design, and record images of scientific value.


Data analysis of the SunbYte II flight is ongoing

SunbYte II was successfully recovered and returned to Sheffield.

Here the change of pressure and temperature with altitude can be seen

The recovered payload and data will be analysed, and will be used to improve the next iteration of SunbYte.

This image of the sun was taken by the tracking camera

The tracking system and algorithm were successfully deployed during the flight.